From March 7th-10th, we left Lima and headed to Tarapoto, ready to escape the city traffic and busyness for a few days. While Tarapoto is a city, it is MUCH smaller than Lima and much calmer. The majority of transportation is via Mototaxi instead of buses or cars. This trip definitely helped me affirm that the jungle is my favorite climate in Perú. The food, fresh air, calmness, culture, and nature, all add up to make the selva a beautiful place. While Tarapoto was much different than my experience in Iquitos last semester, I still loved it!

In Tarapoto, we did a night walk in the jungle, tried out new foods and fruit juices, visited waterfalls and large lagoons, fished and made pottery. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves and show the lovely trip which we had.

More than anything, I am beyond happy to have shared this experience with the lovely group of students who came to Perú with EdOdyssey. It would be impossible to count the number of laughs we shared or hilarious stickers we sent in our Whatsapp group during this trip. From swimming in freezing cold water, to tasting camu camu for the first time, to catching a plastic bag while fishing instead of a fish, it was all smiles! The trip was yet another reminder that study abroad is so much more than just the “study” or the “abroad”. It’s about the people you meet, the connections you make, and the experiences you share with those around you. <3


We found a bunch of rañas on our nighttime walk
We found a bunch of rañas on our nighttime walk!


holding a snake and a funny face
And a few snakes too! AHH!
Crossing a river on a giant raft in order to get to a lagoon for the day
Crossing a river on a giant raft in order to get to a lagoon for the day


Whole group posing for a photo


group photo in front of a river
photo creds to our amazing guide!


posing funnily at the waterfall
Believe it or not, but we missed a nice, strong, rainfall… and that’s exactly what we got this day at the waterfall!


Chaufa Regional and plátano frito!
Chaufa Regional and plátano frito! YUM!


Joe caught a fish!
Joe caught 4 fish! Future in fishing? Maybe!


Finishing up the fishing trip
Nothing but smiles!