Traveling Around and Parents Weekend(s)

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the chance to do some traveling and also to have a wonderful visit from my parents!! Before my parents arrived, I enjoyed a high altitude, yet super fun and adventurous, trip to Huaraz. It was wonderful bonding with friends and getting to know new people as well. During the weekend, I stayed with four friends in a local hostel which was housing lots of people who were visiting Peru. It’s amazing how many people travel alone and make friends at each stop during their travels. During one of our hikes, Grace and I got to know two lovely ladies from Portugal and Holland.

The following weekend, I welcomed my parents to my new home of Lima! We took a weekend trip down south to Puno and then while I was taking classes during the week, my parents took a trip to the jungle and stayed at the same lodge I stayed at in August! To round off their trip, we had a few days to explore Lima and do some sightseeing around the city!

Enjoy the pics!!

Grace, Lisa (exchange student and friend from Germany), and I in front of the Pastoruri Glacier
Grace, Lisa (exchange student and friend from Germany), and I in front of the Pastoruri Glacier!
Puya Raimondi plants and a cloudy sky
Puya Raimondi… a cool cactus/pineapple looking plant! It is native to the high andes of Bolivia and Peru.
Beautiful Landscape of Pastoruri! Lake in the foreground and mountains in the back.
Beautiful Landscape of Pastoruri!
The lagoon 69 sign and the lagoon in the background
A TOUGH hike but WE MADE IT!! High altitude and steep hiking are a difficult mix but the view of Laguna 69 is worth it for sure!
Sarah standing in front of the Lagoon 69 and the mountains in the background
wrong school apparel… oops
Sarah and grace and two other women squating in front of Lagoon 69.
Grace and I with our new friends!! It’s amazing how nature and adventures can bond people from all over the world!
Host mom and brother with my parents
Parents meet host mom and host brother!!!
Sarah and her parents standing in front of a lagoon at Sillustani, a pre-incan burial sight
My parents and I at Sillustani, a pre-incan burial sight.
My dad standing next to a large tomb at Sillustani.
My dad standing next to a large tomb at Sillustani.
Image of a sign at a parade.
Right place at the right time! We got to witness two parades while we were in Puno! This one was over 2 hours long and was put on by a school in the city. The parade included dance performances, a celebration of golden wedding anniversaries, the history of the World and of Peru, as well as bands and more!!
Sarah's dad excited to eat the anticuchos which are on the plate in front of him
Dad very excited to try out another peruvian dish, Anticuchos (cow heart)!
My mom and I on an Uros Island, which is constructed of reeds and floats on Lake Titicaca.
My mom and I on an Uros Island, which is constructed of reeds, and floats on Lake Titicaca
My parents posing on Taquile Island!
My parents on Taquile Island!
Sarah and her mom with the sun setting and sitting on top of a boat.
My mom and I enjoying the sunset over lake Titicaca and the cool evening breeze atop the boat on the way back to Puno !
Peru flag and Sarah from behind.
Sarah's parents standing together in front of a park in Barranco.
Parents after a stroll around beautiful Barranco, a municipality of Lima. I don’t have any pictures, but we also stopped at a book fair and I was able to grab some new books and a few christmas presents for people!
French toast with berries!
Last but not least, my DELICIOUS french toast at brunch in Barranco! After eating peruvian food for five months, little tastes of home always hit the spot! 10/10 would recommend stopping for brunch in Barranco!!


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